The company name DireGaming originates from the word Dire and deep passion about gaming, in which the Dire, taken from the Dire faction, one of the sides of map in Dota 2. Dire represents rough, gloomy but challenging landscape while Dire also means serious in Gaming attitude. DireGaming is aimed to foster deep connection among the eSports fans and bringing exciting experience to the community of the same interest.

DireGaming is our guiding philosophy and stands for our commitment to build an exciting platform of extra- ordinary quality.

At DireGaming, you’ll be at the forefront of the most exciting industry in the world—eSports games. And you’ll be undertaking the greatest mission of all: bringing fans and gamers closer to the games they love.

Evolving forms of play need evolving forms of lifestyle social media platform. That’s where we come in. We continually stay ahead of the curve by designing innovative ecosystem—allowing fans and gamers to fully experience their lives to the fullest. And as all entertainment converges, gaming will soon become an integral part of all our lives.

Our Platform

As we are start-up, without burden of legacy technologies, we are able to choose the best cutting edge technologies to build our one of the kind platform to fulfill our dreams and our unique requirements.

These technologies are the best-of-breed in each architectural realm such as ReactJS, advanced HTML5 scripting, Object Oriented Javascript, .NET core, MariaDB, RabbitMQ, Redis caching, AI machine/deep learning (Python/TensorFlow), blockchain, Crypto integration and cloud computing(GCloud, AWS, Azure). The list goes on.

Our Core Values

Our core values – vision, action, sincere and care are reflected in our vibrant workplace, culture and our platform. We are searching for talents who share our core values and bring diverse perspectives, technical expertise and experiences; people who think big and bigger than oneself, and are as passionate about our vision as we are.

We have great opportunity and reward ahead. We were born a humble regional startup and our talented team members work in multiple locations across Asia. This is not just another job. It is an opportunity to join the like-minded team to change the life experience for eSports community and fans. You get to enjoy working in an environment that values transparency and collaborative effort. Most importantly, both work and play are equally important to us.

DireGaming is a company made up of eSport fans and believers. We excel because gamers rely on teamwork, are innovative problem-solvers and determined about reaching their goals. So if you’ve always been up for a real challenge, this is your chance—join us now.